5 Indoor Activities for Kids in West Chester

November 10, 2019

Is the weather outside frightful? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered (no pun intended!) with these 5 ideas for indoor activities in West Chester with kids:

Location: Learning Through Play Cafe 

Cost: $5 for kids ages 12 months and up

Hours: check website- hours vary

Why my kids like it: food, play and crafts

Why I like it: Lattes and smoothies plus food

Location: Jump n Jack's

Cost: Adults are FREE!

Toddlers (crawlers through age 2) - $4 Every Day

Kids 3 and Up - $8 Weekdays & $10 Friday Nights & Weekends

Hours: check website

Why my kids like it: They love climbing and screaming and this place is perfect for that

Why I like it: Get's all of my kids energy out and they have food. Always a plus when I can feed them and let them play in one visit

Location: Dig N Play

Cost: check website

Hours: check website

Why my kids like it: We haven't been here yet, but I know they would enjoy the sand table

Why I like it: Something else to do indoors to be the heat or stay out of the cold

Location: The Web

Cost: check website

Hours: check website

Why my kids like it:  In the words of my 10 year old: "Who doesn't like laser tag?"

Why I like it: There are many things to do to keep my 6, 8 and 10 year old busy and entertained simultaneously

Location: Entertrainment Junction

Cost: check website (you can sometimes get discounted tickets by purchasing online so make sure you check there)

Hours: check website

Why my kids like it:  When my youngest was in to trains, he loved this place. It's huge displays of trains kept his interest

Why I like it: The Funhouse was met with lots of giggles and good times. They also have a few holiday events in the fall and winter that are neat to do.

All of the information is current as of my knowledge on the date of publication. Please check websites and call to verify the information listed here.

Don’t forget to check Macaroni Kid West Chester’s events calendar for even more ideas for indoor (and outdoor!) family fun from Hamilton to Mason. We keep the calendar updated with things to do with kids so that you can spend less time looking for something to do and more quality time with your kids!